Why Gold Was Up 1713 to 1735 ?

5/15/2020 04:05:00 PM (GMT+6)

Previously Technically we shared Gold breakout analysis and after it's broken 1722, it's gone to 1735.

Yesterday market was congestion mode 1711-1720 because for risk mode growing around US-China relationship. Powell was against of negative rate but US President Trump said, "He likes negative interest rates and feels strongly the US should have negative rates" and his comments Tilting Sentiment Further Negative.

When In FOX TV US President Trump, asked about China relationship, said “we could cut off the whole relationship”; says could save USD 500bln buy just cutting off the relationship and these news made gold pump 1722 to 1735. If sentiment going like this then Gold can go up more, Try to buy at discount zone and need to also keep eye on US-China relation.
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