Daily European Opening News - 6th May 2020 .

5/06/2020 11:34:00 AM (GMT+6)
  • Asian equity markets traded mixed
  • The ECB said it takes note of the German court ruling and remains fully committed to its mandate
  • Looking ahead, highlights include EZ services & composite PMIs, UK construction PMI, EZ retail sales, US ADP, DoEs, supply from the UK and Germany
  • Reports suggest the White House is looking at winding down the COVID-19 task force
  • Earnings: BMW, Dialog Semiconductor, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, Enel, PayPal, T-Mobile US, General Motors, Metlife, American Electric Power
  • President Trump later responded that we will have something in a different form when asked about winding down the White House Coronavirus Task Force, while he added we will have a different group for safety and reopening of the economy with Dr. Fauci and Dr.
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