Asia stocks are pressured amid holiday closures, US-China trade tensions and inter-Korean flare up

5/04/2020 09:57:00 AM (GMT+6)
  • Asia Equity Markets has started the week amid several holiday closures in the region
  • Ahead of this week's with risky incident sentiment concerns over the inter-Korean border, and US-China trade tensions have escalated with US President Trump saying tariffs would be China's ultimate punishment and warned to end the trade deal if China doesn't buy US Goods.
  • In the FX market, DXY is even stronger as US President Trump's warning of tariffs and the Chinese administration's continued finger-pointing about the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak have given it a safe haven from risk-reverse tone. Secretary of State Pompeo also reiterated Trump's view that the coronavirus outbreak originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, and Pompeo also accused China of refusing to investigate the stone-breaking and cooperate with experts.
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