U.S stock futures and Oil Market continue to downfall

4/28/2020 09:50:00 AM (GMT+6)
U.S stock futures and oil market continue going to downfall.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YM00, -0.22
  • S&P 500 futures ES00, -0.35%
  • Nasdaq-100 futures NQ00, -0.25%
  • June WTI crude CLM20, -12.83%
  • U.S. benchmark was down more than 14%, below $11 a barrel
  • June Brent crude BRNM20, -3.85%
  • The international benchmark, fell more than 4% Monday night after sliding nearly 7% the previous session
On Wall Street Monday, the Dow scored its fourth straight session of gains as countries and U.S. states started to reopen or plan how to reopen their economies
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